“Leg Day - Everyday"


Whether you are looking to get your furry friend stronger, fitter, more explosive or agile, we provide a wide variety of different training programs catering to both your performance and companion dogs’ needs. Drawing from human sport and exercise science, we have designed our programs with controlled training variables to cater to your needs, whether that be improved performance or a longer active life.


Improving their cardiovascular fitness/health on our Dog Pacer, strengthening their muscles and joints in our pool, or pushing them through endurance and resistance training on our state of the art Slat (sprint) and Carpet (high-resistance) Mills, we strive to improve the wellbeing and fitness of all of our pooches.

Performance Dogs:
Companion Dogs:

Concentrating on building fitness, strength and injury prevention, we strive to give our performance dogs (e.g. competition dogs, working dogs and show dogs) an edge over the rest, aiming to get them stronger, faster and fitter.


Muscle & Joint Strengthening:

  • Promotes an improved overall general health.
  • Allows your pooch to work harder and perform better.
  • Aids in reducing the risk of injury from activities.


Cardiovascular Fitness:

  •  Focusing more on endurance and stamina.
  •  Training for endurance through interval sprints allowing them to power through more activites without fatiguing as easily.
  • Improving their stamina using longer sustained runs to help them work for longer times without rest.


Muscle Building:

  • Focusing on attaining volume whilst working with resistance.
  • Aids in improving general physique (perfect for show dogs)
  • Increases muscle development and efficiency allowing them to perform stronger and better than ever.


Strength & Power:

  • High resistance training coupled with lots of rest.
  • Variety of training equipment depending on strength requirements.
  • Builds strength to improve performance.
  • Perfect for improving in excercises such as jumping/dragging.


Muscle Building:

  • Focusing on attaining volume whilst working with resistance.
  • Aids in improving general physique (perfect for show dogs).
  • Increases muscle development and efficiency allowing them to perform        stronger and better than ever.

If you are not after specific perfomance training, don't worry! We have many different kind of plans for your everyday pooch. Putting more consideration on physical health and wellbeing rather than fitness, we aim to train your furry friend to live an active life for longer!


Puppy Programs:

  • Aiming to promote a healthy and active wellbeing in our young pups right from the get go.
  • Focusing on building and strengthening muscles to support their growth as well as joint strength, balance and swim training in our pool!


Adult Programs:

  • Training tio increase their general cardiovascular health.
  • Building muscles as well as training muscle and joint strength to keep them active and reduce the risk of injuries.


Senior Programs:

  • Designed to improve our mature pooch's quality of life.
  • Promoting cardiovascular health and training muscle and join strength to support their everyday lives.

Overweight Programs:

  • Aspiring to improve cardiovascular health and assist with weight loss.
  • Aim to build and strengthen muscles and joints to support their weight.


Disclaimer: Whilst Barker & Pooch can help your overweight dog get
more active, fitness is only a small part of the equation. Rest, nutrition,
and active habits are incredibly important factors in maintaining a healthy weight. Feel free to consult with us on how to help out your furry friend!

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