Bonnie came from dog boarding to Barker & Pooch where she is gaining valuable experience in canine fitness for her veterinary studies. After exercise there is still much to do before your dog leaves Barker & Pooch - bathing, drying, stretching and massage - and Bonnie ensures it’s an enjoyable experience. You will also see her assisting the trainers with strength and conditioning work in the dog gym. Aside from working and studying, Bonnie is raising a puppy called Clyde.

Jian Hao

A professional boxer who loves dogs like Mike Tyson loves pigeons (you didn't know?). Tommy is an ex national boxer, professional fitness trainer and exercise science geek. He is the quiet man of the team but he will talk plenty if you ask him how to get your dog fitter, stronger or faster. Tommy works closely with Avery to improve the performance of competition dogs.


Known for her calm, steady handling, Mel is In charge of your dog’s post exercise care - stretching, massage and bathing. Her team are responsible for ensuring dogs leave Barker & Pooch looking and feeling good. Mel is studying for her Specialist Diploma in Veterinary Wellness and Care.



A natural communicator with animals she has adopted many dogs over the years, including a wolf-dog (it's why we call her Mowgli). Recently she rescued an injured racing horse which she now exercises regularly. Having done obedience and agility training she particularly enjoys training challenging and high energy dogs. Ask her if you want to know more about training guides and workshops.


Trained in canine physiotherapy in the UK, Sonia has been with Barker & Pooch since day one. Her therapy experience is especially useful for our puppy and senior dog fitness programmes. She has a senior daschund at home and believes with the correct exercise your canine companion can enjoy a long, active and happy life. Talk to Sonia if you want your pup to have the best start or your old dog to enjoy its golden years.



A fitness enthusiast who worked in Singapore Zoo prior to Joining Barker & Pooch, Avery was a natural fit for our project. His handling skills in the pool and gym allow him to get the most from the dogs, and he has the results to prove it. A combination of practical knowledge and personal vanity means he is the guy to speak to if your dog needs to gain muscle, lose fat and look fit.

Our Team


All team members here, are dog lovers and have dogs of their own, who they bring down sometimes as well! 




Our team is a diverse bunch united in our of dogs and a belief in the need for dogs to be fit, strong and healthy. We exercise our own dogs at Barker & Pooch and working with dogs is never just a job. We bring a range of skills to the job, including dog handling, sports science and veterinary science to get your dog fit for life. Working week on week with the dogs you get close to them and we take pride in their progress. Most all of all we believe in the joy of exercise.

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